ASKXXI: Arts+Science Knowledge – Building and Sharing in the XXI Century

[This article appeared in the Newsletter of Friday Harbor Laboratories —TideBite— in March 2018]

In 2004, under serendipitous circumstances after my first year of graduate school in UW’s Biology Department, I found myself at FHL taking the Comparative Embryology course taught by Richard Strathmann and George von Dassow.  Having moved to Seattle from Chile the previous year, I’d roughly navigated the first year of grad school exploring my role in scientific research and my overall interests and passions in scientific illustration, pedagogy and visual arts.  I found in the Comparative Embryology course a uniquely fruitful playground, led by inspiring and knowledgeable mentors with whom I could explore the beautiful diversity of life’s earliest stages.  In a pedagogical world driven by graded tests, exams and reports, I had the rare opportunity to reflect, at the same time both deeply and playfully, on the ecology and evolution of embryos’ development.  The only stated expectation of the course was to “look very closely,” ask questions, and remain open to gaining new understanding while in close proximity to the tools and community to support that process.

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