Technology, Exploration and Clay

[This blog was posted first in the Schmidt Ocean Institute webpage: here]

Trying to work with clay during an oceanographic expedition focusing primary on autonomous robotic development might sound a little crazy. Ok, probably it is. However, my interest in interdisciplinary creation and exploration, plus serendipitous circumstances, put me here on the Falkor, sailing off the coast of Costa Rica. I am here with a group of scientists and engineers that are working to advance the development of autonomous robots used for exploration. Their efforts will help us understand and explore the deeper ecosystems of our planet, while their technology will also be used in outer space to explore the possible existence of life in other planets. Overall, thinking on the implications of what can be done with this research is mind blowing. Therefore, I guess that it is fair to ask why I would be working with clay in such a technological environment? Or maybe even before that, to ask why bring art to this expedition at all?

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Why do I study the intertidal?/¿Por qué estudio el intermareal?

More than once I have been asked why do I study the intertidal? More specifically, why do I study, draw and make sculptures of the organisms that specifically live in that zone? When I visited the intertidal for the first time as a student of biology in the university, I was captivated by something that now seems pretty obvious to me, and that is the extreme nature of this environment and the enormous diversity of life forms that inhabit it.

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